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When you started your business, you likely engaged an attorney, accountant, marketing firm, IT firm, and/or a host of professionals that could service your company well, with whom you could talk over you issues and problems, and who likely could provide you with trusted support.

Fast forward to today. Your Business has changed.  Have these professionals changed with your, or are they along for the ride, enjoying the business you send their way?

There is often a wake-up call when something happens, and the trusted professionals that support your Business either are, or are not, there when you need them. Over time, your Business might have gone in a different direction, or you might be involved in new technologies or intellectual property that requires greater attention and understanding that your current professionals do not possess.  Ultimately, you must ask yourself the question; Do my professionals still have my best interest first and foremost in their business efforts?

Mile Marker Business and Consulting Services, LLC believes that a true Client is a partnership founded on RELATIONSHIP. That means meaningful meetings and conversations, discussion of Client Vision, and asking often, “What is the best way to support your company’s current efforts?”.  Mile Marker’s focus is not to displace your RELATIONSHIPS, but to make sure that they are being best served.

Contact Mile Marker Business and Consulting Services, LLC today. Let’s keep your interest at the forefront of every RELATIONSHIP!