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The Business Plan reflects the lifeblood of your company. It begins with a well thought out idea, and establishes a definition of your company, complete with your Mission and Vision, your industry, what makes you unique, your product set/ service provided, defined means by which you will bring your business to the market, and a financial plan for making that happen.  The Business Plan establishes the High Level View of what you are all about.

Business Planning best serves your company when it is a LIVING AND BREATHING PLAN!  It is not a document to collect dust or the fill space on a shelf.  It is not a completed exercise to convince people that you have what it takes, and have gone through the motions.  The Business Plan is the reference Plan for YOUR BUSINESS, to tell the bank, the industry, the competition, the clients, the vendors, the suppliers, and the market that you mean business.  It can and should be revisited, updated, and held out front as the example that you know your business, you value your business, you intentionally look at your business, and you adapt your business with change and improvements.

Do you have a Formal Business Plan, or do you just have plans?

If you have a Formal Business Plan, when was the last time you looked at it?

Contact Mile Marker Business and Consulting Services, LLC today. Let’s create a LIVING AND BREATHING PLAN that works, and creates the road map for your journey!