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Mile Marker Business and Consulting Services, LLC specializes in working with companies in addressing their financing needs. Every company has a different situation, and a different needs. Listening, and understanding those needs, is the most important step to finding a solution.

Mile Marker specializes in identifying financing solutions from $500,000 to $5,000,000 for companies in many industries, including manufacturers, distributors, transportation, wholesale, and service industries throughout the United States.

Mile Marker specializes in working through:
     –    The inability to secure Traditional Bank Financing
     –    Increased Capital Needs not supported by existing Banks.
     –    Discussions with Existing Bank Relationships to help identify and create structuring solutions.
     –    Covenants Violations and Requests to “Leave the Bank”.
     –    Situations where you may have Outgrown Your Bank
     –    Identifying New Funding Resources, and Developing Presentation Materials, to make sure your company puts its Best Foot Forward.

When it comes to difficult situations and impasse with traditional banks, Mile Marker looks to identify Solid Solutions for working capital, growth capital, expansion capital, acquisition financing, and alternative financing, to provide increased purchasing power, and to advance your ability to gain momentum where road blocks have appeared.

Mile Marker works with you, with Banks, with alternate funding sources, and with all parties, to find answers and develop Solid Solutions, and to move the “No” to a “Yes”!